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Being Truly Healthy

Being Truly Healthy…

Well, it’s very obvious that until this point, if you have been reading on, you are one of the avid seekers of holistic health. Well, for starters, what is more natural and organic with using herbs? If you’ve been reading on, you will notice that herbs offer more than just healing your body; they did heal your soul. However, don’t just take my words and apply them. You body doesn’t work that way, you need to live a truly healthy lifestyle…

What is being truly healthy you might ask? It’s very simple and truly it requires very little, but taxing on the thought process. Being truly healthy requires you to live a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that is simple, and do what is most matter in life.

See it this way, when will you consider a jar really full? Read on…

When you fill in a jar with golf balls until it full, is it really full yet? Not quite, Try filling it in with lima beans, is it truly full yet? Not quite too, as it still has space for the little sands you scoop up from the beach. After you poured them in, then you will say: “That’ll do the trick, now it is really full,” No, I will say, as you can still fill the jar with a cup of liquid, perhaps, a cup of coffee? Full? Perhaps not, there’ll still air bubbles inside trapped, can this be filled too?

The lesson of the story is this:

The golf balls are the things essential to life: God, Love, Family, Friends, Health, Food, air and etc. while the beans represent the things that are important in life: Good hobby, Clothing, Money, and Property. While the sands, represents thing that is less important in life: Music CDs, Entertainments, TV, etc. and the liquid? You can guess…

You see, your life will never be full, you can keep occupy it with something else and make yourself so busy until you feel too full to be good. Sometimes, it is enough to keep things to a level we can manage. There’s no need to indulge in a plate of nasi lemak and the found out on the next day you have heart attack. There’s no need either to fill your life fully with works until you neglected your own health or your family members… Take a closer and honest look at yourself; are you treating yourself the way you deserved to be treated?

Life is about doing what you should do

Sometimes, it is hard to revamp our own lifestyle, who does not like munching on a piece of burger filled with enviable and tasty sauce. Not to mention the succulent meat. However, life should be lived responsibly. You have a responsible towards your own health and your own body. Do you think life is bestowed upon you by accident? If you answered yes, there’s no point in living.

Life is not an accident; we have a purpose being here.

For those out there reading, until now you will feel, what does this post have to do with herbs? Frankly, this post has nothing to do with herbs, but it has a lot of things to do with a proper living habit. I do not like seeing sickly people depending on herbs just because they did not treat their body the way they should. Herbs are here to help if disease is inevitable, not as constant life-savers. Your body can heal itself, and yes, if you fed it proper nutrition and ample exercise!

Eating the way we should

Sometimes we tend to forget and munch on that steak laced with saturated fat. Or we might be downing that cup of cola that might cause us our life. All of this amounted to the high level of diseases nowadays. Back in the olden days, when food is a scarcity, people tend to live a healthier albeit shorter life. The secret is to eat what is essential and not to say we have to neglect eating altogether. Extreme dieting won’t do you any good, and harm will come your way.

I have seen there’s a lot of diet plans and crash diet course. I am in no position to criticize them but I somewhat found them to be unsound. Everything needs to be eaten and in a moderate compound. For me, the only essential thing is the food pyramid. Just follow it and voila, healthy life your way.

Muscle are made to be moved

How relaxing it is for us to unwind sometimes, lying under the sun without moving a muscle. However, if you are constantly leading a sedentary life, and without really moving a muscle, then you are in big trouble…

People who lead too sedentary a lifestyle is susceptible to many diseases, cardiovascular in particular, and obesity too.

Exercise is very important as it helps you to build up self-confidence as well as a healthier life. Ask yourself; is 20 minutes a day, four times a week be so much a time for you? How about moving the treadmill machine in front of the TV? Maybe you can enjoy your workout while watching your favourite soaps…

Walk around sometimes, find a park and jog there, enjoying its beautiful surroundings. I am not the first blog or website to blabber you all about this but this classic did work. If you really care about your won health, do it! Go out and move your muscle.

Did I mention exercise made you happier and sexier? A person who exercises tend to perform better at sex… it is a proven fact.

Starting off might be difficult but you should continue on to achieve a better health and a better figure.

El Conclusión

The things I wanted to say has ended so far, and to end this post, I provide my reference to you for further reading.

I recommend the book titled: “Eat Your Colors”, written by Marcia Zimmerman. This book has really saved me a lot of time finding for the right solution for my dieting and this is the book inspired me to be more careful with what am I eating.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that, the very food you’ve been eating everyday can be a cure too. Foods, when used as cures, are more effective than you take in foreign herbs. As you are more receptive towards it as you find it palatable. It’s actually up to us to improvise, and healthy eating does not necessarily means you have to sacrifice flavours and textures. A healthy fine dining experience can be as healthy as well.

François Rabelais
François Rabelais  c.1494– c.1553
French humanist, satirist, and physician

L’appétit vient en mangeant.

The appetite grows by eating.

Gargantua (1534) bk. 1, ch. 5___WOW_

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