Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Insam Saenggang Tang

Insam Saenggang Tang (Ginger Ginseng Tea)

This concoction is used as an anti-coagulant, especially for those who are suffering from Hypertension or Hyperglycaemia (diabetes). These patients are very susceptible to sudden blood clot as their blood is quite viscous. This hinders the flow of blood and thus disrupted the movement of platelet cells, the starter cell for blood clotting mechanism. The platelets might break and thus unleashing a chain of reaction which inevitably ends up with clots. This may sounds scary and in order to stop this kind of happening, conventional practices often include prescribing anti-coagulant drugs (which is quite harmful and potent). The other cause for blood clot brings us to the harmful effect of Cholesterol (LDL and VLDL), which are often being deposited on the inner artery wall, causing a symptom call plaque. The plaque will then grow larger in size, preventing blood flow along the way. The disrupted pattern of blood flow will then cause the breakage of platelets, which is in turn will cause blood clot. Worse, this clot might travel to the vein of the brains and blocking it if it is stuck there. This is definitely not a pretty picture and this is one of the causes of stroke.

The remedy consists:

  • Ginger 5cm (regular breadth)

  • Ginseng Slices 100g

  • Sugar (Rock Sugar/White) 50g

  • Water (preferably spring water or bottled water from respectable source)

Crush the ginger lightly. Mix it with the ginseng slice in an earthenware pot and cover with adequate amount of water. Add the rock sugar or white sugar. Set the flame at its highest to bring it to the boil and lower the flame to its lowest setting possible and simmer for at least one hour (but no more than 2 hour). Remove from the heat and set it to cool to room temperature. Drink a pint cup each time (standard measurement), each time before meal (or after meal if you’re suffering from gastritis).


This soup might cause ‘over-heating’ of the body because of the excessive yang energy of the herbs used. To combat this, one can finish off their meal with fondues of fruit that includes pear, strawberry, persimmon, and a generous whipping of yoghurt as dressing. This counter-remedy however, is not for those that do not feel the said heat energy ‘swarming’ in their body. Instead, this remedy is for those people who know that, whenever they partake of hot food (chilli, etc.); their body will be swarming with heat and possibly, sore throat. Also, this fruit fondue is not meant for dessert purpose and sugar is strictly not allowed. Furthermore, this counter-remedy is to be eaten three hours or so after consumption of the ginseng and ginger soup and should only be eaten not more than twice a day.

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