Friday, June 02, 2006

Let's Take Things Personally

Let’s Take Things Personally…

Okay it’s time to bring our relationship to a much higher level. I know you guys out there are reading and I did mean you! Yes, you my precious reader! Hahaha… Anyhow, this is not a post of herbs or anything but just a post to keep in touch with you all. Anyway, how you guys found out this site? I know the traffic is quite low, but I think there are still readers here, is it? I think so… (Echo)

Okay, basically, this blog is about herbs (duh… everyone knows that, silly me) and why I create this blog? The reason is simple; I wanted to educate peoples, in fact a lot of them, to use herbal remedies for self-improvement. However, do bear in mind that I am not a herbalist, and all of the information I provided here is not 100% reliable, and do check out some websites for more useful information. I am but a tale-monger, collecting information here and there and then distribute it to the masses. Please look out for the books which materials I quote from (I will quote the name of the books I used) because all of them are worth a read.

The Inspiration

Okay, maybe you will feel that I am not worth the attention but look it this way… How much money have you spent, in the last few years, on medications and other health-related products while you can easily (and effortlessly) grown your own remedies in the comfort of your own home. Unbeknownst to many, herbs and most of them did grow indoors! However, I do encourage growing them in the garden or outdoors (grin)…

Just by the simple act (about one hour) a day, you can have a wonderful and splendid garden of remedies suitable for every common afflictions… come to think of it, gardening (esp. herbal gardening) can be a beneficiary weekend family activities, instead of lazing around on the boob tube…

Herbs are very versatile and most of them can be used for cooking (everybody knows that right? Silly me *slap*). Anyhow, growing herbs can be a lot of fun and easy too, and they will reward you endlessly…

Think of the time you are experiencing headache, and out you go into the garden, searching for rosemary, lavender, or feverfew. After which, you made an infusion with them and while drinking them, savour their relaxing taste and all of the sudden you feel that you are cured! Is there anything much nicer than this? Think of all the money you have saved!

The Crusade

My mission is to promote understanding among people nowadays that herb is not an obsolete method of treatment. Herbs provide a safer method of medication rather than you experimenting with pills and various coloured tablets. It’s not that I am bashing orthodox medicine, I am pointing out that many treatments underwent by orthodox practitioners are not necessarily curable by pills. Antibiotics, for example, do a lot of harm rather than helping. However, herbalist does have their own version of antibiotics, but it’s much safer in the sense that it is natural and cheaper. How many of us know what really is inside an antibiotic capsule? Also, is painkiller really necessary? Why nervine is not being prescribed instead?

Actually, herbal remedies are the ultimate remedy in treating everyone globally. I might be biased in term of western herbals, but I am educated in the sense, so it’s not that I am only advocating western method of herbalism and neglecting others. Folk’s medicine, if used successfully, can treat a myriad of diseases known locally to a specific place. Local doctors should be trained in the sense of available herbs, not medication that travels around the globe by well-known pharmaceutical giants. Think of it, how much money will they make if they advocate global marketing of their products? Also, is orthodox medicine the only medicine in the world that is effective? Many think so, but the answer is a disappointing no…

Yes, the practitioner of herbalism might not be well-educated, but if modern technologies are applied and more research being done, who will not benefits from herbs? If more and more herbs are being studied and applied, what kind of diseases will not be cured? Human is like this, they always find complicated solutions to simple things even though the answers are just in front of them. Even common weeds have their medicinal value.

The Conclusion

Orthodox medicine did a good job in ensuring health of patients, but only confined to pills and instruments. They did a good job in treating chronic diseases that usually required surgery but did not do well in handling small cases like influenza or a simple sore-throat. Herbs can be just as effective as orthodox medications, but the practitioner seems to be friendlier and heartier.

However, do remember if you are experiencing chronic symptoms, the best solution is usually a visit to your usual hospital, unless there’s a herbal hospital nearby. The standard of herbal practice is increasing, but still in its infancy as not much takes heed… Haha

Here I conclude this very article, Thank You…

Signing off,
Henri Lai Hon Leong

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