Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Meaning of Flowers

Well, this writer is still single, for sure he does not know anything about love. However, being a herbalist wannabe has its advantages. At the very least, I am trained in the Flower Language. I am listing a few common flowers here and their symbolism, then you can decide which one to give then. However, the recipient(s) might not know the meaning though. It's advisable to include a small notes to forward the message.

So, here goes nothing...

Acacia – Sacrifice; 'Wait for me; it might not be long.'

Anemone – Estrangement; 'I no longer find you appealing.'

Apple Blossom – Goodness; 'Your inner and outer beauty shines as bright.'

Basil – Animosity; 'I loathe at your sight.'

Begonia – Warning; 'Walls might have ears.'

Borage – Brusqueness; 'I am embarrassed by your whim.'

Broom – Devotion; 'I will be yours forever.'

Burdock – Persistence; 'I will never be discouraged.'

Buttercup – Radiance; 'Your magnificence is as radiant as the sun.'

Camellia – Loveliness; 'How radiant is your beauty.'

Chamomile – Fortitude; 'I admire your courage. Do not be despair'

Carnation (pink) – Encouragement; 'Yes'

Carnation (red) – Ardour; 'We must meet soon.'

Carnation (white) – Pure Devotion; 'A chaste love I offer you.'

Cherry Blossom – Increase; 'May our friendship grew stronger and firmer.'

Chrysanthemum (bronze) – Amity; 'We can just be friends.'

Chrysanthemum (red) – Requited love. 'I love you also.'

Chrysanthemum (white) – Honesty; 'I trust you completely.'

Chrysanthemum (yellow) – Coolness; 'I belong to another.'

Cleavers – Tenacity; 'I shall strive to win your love.'

Clover (pink) – Hurt pride. 'Do not belittle my affections.'

Clover (red) – Entreaty. 'Will you be faithful with my absence?'

Clover (white) – Promise. 'I shall stay true to you.'

Coriander – Hidden Qualities. 'Do not judge a book by its cover.'

Daffodil – Rebuttal; 'I do not share your feelings.'

Dahlia (red) – Dismissal; 'You presumed too very much.'

Dahlia (white) – Rebuff; 'Keep your distance.'

Dahlia (yellow) – Distaste; 'Your attentions are not to my liking.'

Daisy – Delay; 'Await my answer in a few days.'

Daisy (Michaelmas) – Goodbye; 'Do not contact me, I am unable to love you.'

Dandelion – Absurdity; 'I find your presumption laughable.'

Dog Rose – Purity; 'Your purity is comparable to this flower.'

Fern (Maidenhair) – Virginity; 'I am yours completely.'

Feverfew – Protection; 'Let me take care of you.'

Forget-me-not – Remembrance; 'Think of me often.'

Foxglove – Fickleness; 'Your love is superficial.'

Gardenia – Sweetness; 'You are like this flower.'

Geranium (pink) – Doubt; 'I am expecting your explanations.'

Geranium (red) – Duplicity; 'Be gone, you are not trustworthy.'

Geranium (white) – Indecision; 'My mind is not made up.'

Hawthorn – Hope; 'Even though you love me not, I will keep trying.'

Holly – Recovery; 'I am grateful that you have recovered.'

Honeysuckle – Love; 'With this I pledge my loyalty.'

Hyacinth (blue) – Dedication; 'I shall pledge my life to you.'

Hyacinth (white) – Admiration; 'I esteem you highly.'

Iris (purple) – Ardour; 'My heart is aflame.'

Iris (yellow) – Sorrow; 'I share your sadness.'

Ivy – Tenacity; 'I want you above everything else.'

Jasmine – Elegance; 'I admire your poise.'

Lavender – Sad refusal; 'I only like you as a friend.'

Lilac (purple) – Spring love; 'You are my first love.'

Lilac (white) – Innocence; 'A sign for your purity and beauty.'

Lily (tiger) – Passion; 'Till the end of the earth, my love is there.'

Lily (white) – Purity; 'I kiss your fingertips.'

Lily-of-the-valley – Modest Detachment; 'Friendship suffices me, touch not of love.'

Magnolia – Courage; 'Be not disheartened, better days are arriving.'

Marigold – Jealousy; 'You jealousness is of unfounded reasons.'

Marjoram – Maidenly Innocence; 'Your outburst of emotion blushes me.'

Mimosa- Sensitivity; 'You are too frank.'

Mint – Homeliness; 'You fare better with someone your age and background.'

Mistletoes – Sweet Kisses; 'My kisses is abundant for you.'

Myrtle – Fragrance; 'Be my love.'

Narcissus – Self-love; 'Your love is only for yourself.'

Nettle – Coolness; 'I feel offended.'

Oak Leaves – Courage; 'Pay heed, love will have its course.'

Orange Blossom – Virginity; 'Your fairness and beauty are untouched.'

Orchid – Luxury; 'I pledge a sweet life for you.'

Pansy (purple) – Memories; 'I treasure the happy times we have together.'

Pansy (white) – Loving Thoughts; 'I always think of you.'

Pansy (yellow) – Memento; 'Oceans part us but my heart stays with you.'

Passion-flower – Denial; 'I belonged to another.'

Peony – Contrition; 'Forgive my carelessness.'

Periwinkle – First Love; 'My heart is mine till we met.'

Phlox (pink) – Friendship; 'My wish is that we can be friends.'

Phlox (white) – Awakening Interest; 'Tell me more about yourself.'

Poppy (red) – Moderation; 'We shouldn't rush, take our time.'

Poppy (white) – Indecision; 'My mind is not made up yet.'

Primrose – Novel love; 'I may learn to love you. It's too soon to tell.'

Rocket – Competition; 'You are not without a rival.'

Rose (moss) – Timid love; 'I watch you from afar.'

Rose (red) – Love; 'I Love You.'

Rose (white) – Refusal; 'I love you not.'

Rose (yellow) – Misplaced affection; 'I love another.'

Rosemary – Remembrance; 'Your memory will never fade.'

Snapdragon – Refusal; 'You are nothing to me.'

Sunflower – Showiness; 'Outer splendour impressed me not.'

Thyme – Homely Virtue; 'I love a home-maker like you.'

Tulip – Confession; 'With this flower, I declare my Love.'

Valerian – Concealed Merit; 'Though lowly, I aspire to love you.'

Vervain – Enchantment; 'You've bewitched me.'

Violet – Modesty; 'You are a pure as this sweet flower.'

Wormwood – Sorrowful Parting; 'Farewell is a common thing. I bid you well.'

Well, there you have it. A list of useful flowers and their meaning. I wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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