Friday, July 27, 2007

What's Going On Lately?

Okay, what's up with me disappearing for a few months? Easy answer, I was so damn busy with my studies that I do not update my blog! Anyway, I am now back on track and now, you favourite herbalist-wannabe is an official herbalist-in-training. I am now majoring in Biohealth Science and I am selecting the Herbalism Module as my field of specialisation. I am so happy that I can get the course.

So, this herbalist can now go through advance training rather than only giving general advices on some matters. Later I will host a Ask the Herbalist Section which everyone can benefit. Watch out for Mayura's Herbal new edition coming soon! I will regularly update my blog from henceforth. My disappearing act is for all of you, my dear readers.

However, as usual, I am not always in adequate funding. If you find this blog useful, please have a look at our sponsors. Their advertisement is displayed in this page and are provided by Googles. Every click will bring me some funding that is necessary for all these informations supplied. Think of it as some give and take situation (Hey, it's just a click but it pays my hard effort!) Thanks again for viewing my blabbering!!!

Anyhow, any idea on what's herb to blog about? This semester I am taking a course titled Tropical Infectious Diseases. I hope to share what I learnt in this course with all of you. In addition, I am learning pharmacology; so I can be of help to explain some drugs pathway in coming posts (or lectures).

Also, this herbalist is teaching tuitions lately and on the way to become a Religious Philosopher. This herbalist is now an ordained Reverend (By the ULC) and as a religious enthusiast, I am glad to offer my guidance to all that require such help. My Judaism Blog is at and I am offering my sermons there. For any questions, do contact me through the comment page or join in my group. However, please note that I am not a Rabbi and I do not possess any simecha. I am just a fellow religionist sharing my view on this world. However, I am safe to say that every teachings or sermons of mine is based on Orthodox Judaism teachings (by the way, Orthodox is not orthodox at all...)

That's all I think, hope to see you guys more often here!



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