Friday, November 25, 2005

Herbal for You

Herbal for You…


Well, I am not really one of those environmentalists but surely, I would like to share some of my keenness with those folks out there about herbs. Almost everyone (Asian society) has encounter with herbs at least once in their life, especially when you are a Chinese. This encounter can be horrible or it can just be terrific. For me, my encounter with herbs started when I was 5. At that time, I was attacked by asthma (literary, I really hope to kill myself that time, my goodness, I really can’t breathe) and my mother tried on me every remedy known on earth and expectedly (you avid readers… you) Chinese herbs is in my mom’s pharmacopoeia. Although they didn’t cure me (at last one orthodox medicine practitioner did cure me) I was intrigued by the healing power of herbs. Herbs in much sense are a wonderful alternative in dealing with human diseases. It’s natural and to some extend safer (dun try poison ivy though) though some may be poisonous, but they are useful to some extend. Nux vomica, for example, is a deadly herb, so is Belladonna but these herbs, used in correct dosage and treatment, can be used as cure for numerous ailments.

However, some people think that herbs are safer and tend to consume too much. This is one of those deadly sins (kidding) but it can really kill you. Do not take herbal medicine or remedies lightly. Do identify what kind of herbs you are using and how much to use for effective treatment. Herbs and conventional medicine works the same way, by chemical reactions. You might not believe it but actually they have not much difference. Why then people tend to like herbs more than tablets? This for me is a very personal question and it depends on individuals as well as experience (thank you MUET essay!). Some people thought that they are more suited to cough medicine but some might like the bitter feeling of munching watercress (ewww…). Well, you get the point. Herbal medicine as a holistic medicine is, well, a quite foreign term for me though countless people claim this. Personally, I used herbal medicine whenever needed, just as when you feel that your head is going to explode, you pop an aspirin and the only difference is that I took Chamomile tea. Herbalism however is really a holistic approach in term of its treatment. An herbalist will find out your every aspect of your life, and will apply suitable remedy for your ailment. In the same time, they’re treating you as yourself i.e. personality aspects, bad habits, etc. some of you might think that all of this is confined to homeopathy or naturopathy but rest assured that herbalist do that too (the only branch of medicine didn’t do so is orthodox medicine).

I am not really an herbalist but I did learn a great deal before I proceed to make this blog. Hope that this nice blog can help you better in understanding herbs and herbalism. I am not going to introduce herbs one by one, but I will try my best to elevate your understanding of herbs by introducing as much aspects as I could. In the way, I would recommend which herbs to use and which combination of herbs will be useful for your afflictions. Enjoy!

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