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Coping with Infertility

Coping with Infertility…

Infertile is defined as the inability of conceiving after 6 six months of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse.

Infertility is generally associated with sexual performance. A lot of people think that infertility is caused by their inadequacy in performing sexually. It’s not true and such a thought should be discarded entirely. Infertility is caused by a lot of factors, pollution being one of the major ones. Another major factor is age.

One interesting study shown that men from the rural area are more infertile compared to those living in the city area. It turns out that men living in the rural area are always exposed to the farm chemicals they are using everyday. This amounted to the higher infertility level in the rural area than in the city area.

Another factor is genetic or inheritance. Some are inherited with genes that are hostile to the production of sperms or sperms that could not survive once they are produced. On the other hand, females are often associated with blocked fallopian tubes, thick mucus, unable to produce a fertile egg-cell and over-acidity of the uterus. The sperm simply could not survive in the harsh environment.

However, infertility and erectile dysfunction is two different things, and does not associate with one another. Someone with erectile dysfunction could be as fertile as a rabbit or someone without erectile dysfunction could be as barren as the Sahara.

There are a few steps we can take to overcome the problem. Below are a few suggestions:

  1. Avoid underpants or pants that are simply too tight.

  2. Avoid showering with hot water (lukewarm water recommended).

  3. Avoid eating polluted food. I.e. prevent from buying greens with too much pesticide, put on a water filtration system and eating food from reputable dealers.

  4. Improve yourself with a lot of exercise and drinks plenty of fluids

  5. Avoid smoking, alcohols, and bad lifestyle.

  6. Always get ample sleep and rest.

  7. Find a way to bust off stress. (Stress management herbs will be introduced in the next post)

All of these are to be followed not just for a healthier sperms; it’s for a healthier you!

Well, since this is a herbal blog, it’s my duty to provide some remedies. Unfortunately, I only have one option of recipe here and it’s not a sure fire way. Always remember that infertility is not a ‘play-play’ problem. It’s a serious one and often requires medical attention. The recipe below is only a starting point; do consult a doctor if it’s not working!

Infertility Tea


  1. Chicory (root)

  2. Feverfew (the whole herb)

  3. Motherwort  (dried herb)

  4. Nettle (whole herb)

  5. Raspberry Leaf (dried)

  6. Red Clover (flowers)

  7. Skullcap (the whole herb)

  8. Watercress (the whole herb)

*All of these are preferred to be dried


  1. Take them separately or combine them as many as possible.

  2. Prepare a standard infusions (refer to my previous post) and take a wineglassful morning and night until cured.

The effectiveness of the concoction depends on the patients itself, and the receptivity of the patients towards herbal treatments.

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