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Bad Mouthed Symptoms

Bad Mouthed Symptoms

Well, as the title suggests, it is not about treating bad-mouthed habit (like cussing etc.), it is about treating halitosis, bad breath or foul smell of the mouth. We all know the embarrassing moment when we opened our mouth, our friends just shy away. Herbs offer a simple and quick solution to that, nevertheless, oral hygiene is a serious business and visit to a dentist twice a year is a must!

Why do we experience bad breath? The answers varied like the stars in the sky. Usually, the common ones are:

  1. Caries

  2. Poorly scraped tongue

  3. Upset stomach

  4. Teeth that are poorly cleaned

  5. “Heat” in the body (according to Chinese medical principle)

  6. Too much coffee

So we have it, a few common reasons that brought about halitosis. Usually, a fixation of these causes will get rid of the symptoms in no time and fresh breath will be yours once more.

So in order for us to get rid of the foul smell, there are some recipes I would like to share with all of you…

Sage and Salt Toothpowder

According to the book “healing with herbs”, written by Jessica Houdret, “This toothpaste replacement will clean your teeth and keep your breath fresh.” These few words, though simple, is ample to describe the wonderful cleaning properties of salt and sage. However, I added an extra touch to the recipe as you will see:


25g sage leaves
4 tablespoon sea salt
Three drops of peppermint oil

  1. Shred the sage leaves into an ovenproof dish using scissors

  2. Mix in the salt, grind it into the leaves with a pestle. Bake in a low heat for about one hour until crisp.

  3. Set to cool, add the essential oil, and pound the ingredient to powder in a mortar with a pestle. Use in place of toothpaste on a damp toothbrush.

**However, I suggest that you keep the said powder in an air-tight container and allocate a fix amount on a small dish whenever you want to brush your teeth. The reason is that, if you dip your toothbrush into the powder, you will tend to leave some moisture on it. This will cause the powder to cake and this is really not pretty. Another reason is that, because I have added the essential oil, it is imperative to be stored in an air-tight container in order to prevent its escape. **

Quick Fix

Bring a packet of fennel seeds (which is their dried fruits) with you (on a date or whenever). Whenever you feel you needed a quick fix on your breath, gargle your mouth vigorously thrice to dilute the bacteria in your mouth and chew a few of the seeds (usually three to four will do the trick).

Herbal Gargle

Ever fancied gargling with a nice cup of herbal tea? Well, here is a recipe;


1 tablespoon of dried sage
1 tablespoon of dried thyme
100ml of boiling water
10ml of vodka
Few drops of peppermint oil

  1. Put the thyme and the sage in a bowl. Pour the boiling water, cover and leave it to cool. Strain.

  2. Dissolve the peppermint oil in the vodka, and then add in the alcoholic solution onto the infusion.

  3. Enjoy! Also, remember to rinse at least two times a day. This is also effective for mouth ulcer.

Okay, so now you have it, mouth cleansers that are cheap and effective. Remember to see a dentist though, it will do you good.

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I just love all the herbal information you post its all very informative. If you have the time and information avalible and could post some herbal recipes to help psoriasis/exema (they can't decided which one it is) I'd be very greatful:D